These are just guidelines, our staff team can determine if you're breaking our rules, even if they are not listed below, as they see fit. TheBlockMC looks to provide a family-friendly environment. All content must be PG.

Server Rules:

1) Disrespect.

Any kind of disrespect will not be tolerated. Disrespect is considered when you are racist, homophobic and generally mean to another community member. Just be nice :) 

2) Chat Rules (Chat Spam, Advertising, Excessive Caps, etc) 

No spamming chat with messages, caps or emojis. No links/promo of other Minecraft networks & Discord servers. Keep ALL chat appropriate, no politics, racism, sexist comments, etc. No threats of any kind (including DDoS & Dox threats), no posting personal information about anybody (even yourself..) 

Please keep the public chat language in English.

3) Cheating Additions such as clients, mods, macros, auto clickers, and other types of ways to gain unfair advantages while playing are strictly not allowed. We will release a more detailed list, but for now, we will allow the following: - 

  • Any PvP client that does not give an unfair advantage (Badlion, Cosmic, Lunar etc)
  • Optifine, 
  • Armor/Potion HUD, 
  • Schematica (Printer feature is NOT allowed)
  • You are not allowed to AFK mine - you must physically be mining. No leaving anything on your mouse etc. 

4) Bugs/Exploits Using any sort of Minecraft/plugin bug, exploit or duplication is strictly not allowed. If you find a bug, exploit or dupe please report it to a staff member ASAP! Sharing them with other non-staff members is not allowed. 

5) Scamming/IRL Trading Trading in-game items for real-life money (or vice versa) is not allowed. We do not allow scamming. Scamming is considered when doing an in-game trade and not following through with your end of the deal. In order for your scam report to be reviewed and the chance for your items to be returned, you'll need to record the trade!  

6) Ban Evading Evading a ban will result in a non-appealable network ban. Evading is considered when one or more of your linked accounts is banned or temp-banned for a certain reason and you avoid that ban by using another Minecraft account. We will not accept the reasoning that your sibling or family member uses the account, this will be classed as ban evading. 

7) Purchases All purchases made on our web store are final. If you open a dispute, you will be banned from the network, permanently without an appeal. Do not allow users to make purchases on your behalf. Suggest the "Gift" option! If we suspect fraud, we may refund and remove the purchases or reach out.

Discord Rules:

We expect all members to follow the rules that are posted below. Along with our rules, you must also follow the rules and guidelines set by Discord and comply with all applicable laws.

Discord's Guidelines:

1) Advertising 

Promoting other Discord servers, Minecraft Networks, or any irrelevant websites is strictly prohibited.

2) Disrespect

Our goal is to provide a friendly and respectful environment for everyone.

We will not tolerate people that are inappropriate, disrespectful, racist, sexist, etc.. Just be friendly!

This rule also includes threats to players. Threats such as DDoS/DOS/DOX, threatening to harm a player or anybody related to the player (for example) is strictly against the rules. 

This also includes the leaking of personal information. Real names, addresses, numbers etc. 

3) Content

Keep all discussions appropriate. This includes sexist, racist, and homophobic remarks. 

We do not allow spamming, flooding, emoji spam, excessive caps, and misusing bots, features, etc.

This also includes inappropriate user names and profile pictures.

4) Voice Chat Abuse 

Making loud or unpleasant noises along with using voice changes is against the rules. 

This includes spam join and leaves of a Discord channel. All of our chat rules apply to voice chat too!

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